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” Patent Application No. U100041 / 07-09-2017 / O.S.I.M RO EU ”


The efficiency of photovoltaic panels decreases as the panels’ temperature increases, which results in deduction of electricity generation

The invention relates to a passive cooling system for photovoltaic panels which is composed of a film polymeric composition which fulfills the role of radiator for the rapid dissipation of the heat accumulated in the photovoltaic cells.

Photovoltaic cells convert the energy of solar radiation into electricity. Solar radiation is composed of 10% UV (ultraviolet) radiation, 40% visible radiation and 50% infrared radiation. Solar radiation reaching the surface of cells is used up to a maximum of 15-18% to produce electricity, the rest of the radiation cannot be converted, but this additional radiation heats photovoltaic cells, thus decreasing their efficiency. To combat this phenomenon, different cooling systems for photovoltaic panels have been created, such as mounting them on thermal collectors through which coolants circulate; this process and the like currently known have high installation, operating and maintenance costs.

The purpose of the present invention is to use a new solution which is practical and economical and which significantly reduces the cost of cooling the solar panels. The novelty of the technical solution consists in the application of a film layer of polymers based on polyurethane, thermally conductive resins with aluminum and carbon based fillers, thus providing a surface that works similar to a radiator mounted on the back of the solar panels. This solution does not involve major installation and maintenance costs.

By decreasing Solar Cell temperature the Altius Passive Cooling System increases Solar Panel efficiency
and performance.


In comparative measurements in temperature and power between a standard 260W panel and one similarly treated with this cooling system the following differences were found:

Treated panel        Normal panel [untreated]


System efficiency based on photovoltaic cell temperature:

ns – The efficiency of the photovoltaic panel with the new cooling layer [%]
Ts – Temperature of photovoltaic cell [C]

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