Altius is utilizing high-efficiency monocrystaline and polycrystalline cells in the design and production of
high performing solar panels

Mostly used for residential roof-tops where the surface space is the main challenge, monocrystalline cells are a more expensive solution due to their higher efficiency in comparison to polycrystalline cells.

Mostly used for commercial and large scale installations where scaling down on pricing is of paramount importance, poly cells are a less expensive solution due to lower cost of cell production.

BIPV are Photovoltaic Panels used to replace conventional building materials in roofs, facades and skylights that are becoming increasingly popular. The BIPV modules can be a principal construction material in new buildings or can be retrofitted at a later stage.

Altius offers a wide variety of complete On and Off – Grid tie systems for your home or business. Our solar kits combine essential components to provide homes & businesses with effective & cost-efficient power solutions that meet any individual requirement.

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