We utilize high quality TUV/UL certified materials throughout the complete range of our standard and BIPV solar panels, in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability throughout the entire life span of our products. We consistently inspect and test the quality of our solar products through long term performance measurements, optical inspections and EL testing during the production process, in order to ensure a high quality end product.

  • Allows for an excellent passing of light
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Very good mechanical load performances at 5400 Pascal
  • SPF-U1 Certified


The Anti-reflective glass is obtained using nanometric technology. Under normal solar radiation, the energy transmission is 2% higher than regular glass. The panel gains efficiency, the energy produced increasing by 4%. The covering is perfectly uniform. The life-span is over 25 years and the panel is easy to clean.

  • Allows for an excellent passing of light
  • The gel used is of high quality and offers very good resistance against scaling and perfect encapsulation
  • Good resistance against wear from UV radiation


The EVA Foil has an excelent life-span, with a 25 year warranty for the encapsulation and anti-yellowing resistance

  • Long term efficiency and reliability through utilizing the highest quality solar cells.
  • Excellent performance in high temperature and under low solar radiation environments.
  • EL tested – 100% tested on the production line with electroluminescence equipment.
  • Positive power tolerance for every panel


The cells are of high quality, their performance is guaranteed also under low lighting conditions. Guaranteed against PID (Potential Induced Degradation) phenomenon.

  • Tedlar based encapsulation foil
  • Excellent adherence and resistant against UV radiation
  • Available in: white / black / transparent


The back sheet is a product of great durability and resistant against aging and yellowing.

  • Anodized / electrostatic aluminum, protected against wear from saline environments
  • Uniquely designed to withstand extreme mechanical loads
  • Available in: silver / black
  • Resistant against salt mist and ammonia.


Frame sturdy design allows for  8000pa load and easy installation.

  • The bypass diodes ensure panel protection and are highly reliable
  • Excellent inner-heat dissipation
  • IP Code (Ingress Protection Rating): IP65 and IP67
  • Tested against fire

The Junction Box is made out of high quality PPE imported from Japan, and has an excellent industrial design.

Our Team of Expert Engineers is ready to provide solutions that meet your individual business needs by designing
solar panels based on a specific BOM.

We manufacture reliable high performing solar products and guarantee both their build quality and output.




Altius solar panels will be free from defects in materials and workmanship




Altius solar panels will consistently perform throughout this timeframe


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